Freedom from the tedious cycle of dieting

The Louise Parker Method

The Louise Parker Method is a simple set of principles that re-sets your lifestyle and gets you the body you want, permanently and effortlessly. The four pillars of the Method link seamlessly together to make the journey to your ultimate goal achievable and enjoyable.

Think successfully

Diets don't work. And when they don't work we blame ourselves and not the diet. We'll change this, cultivate a winning mindset and repeat it until it becomes a habit. Your brain is the most important muscle there is, and The Method will train it consistently, as you would your body. Weekly support from our NLP trained registered dietitians will motivate and inspire throughout your programme.

Eat beautifully

You’ll enjoy a balance of fresh, real food, evenly spaced throughout the day to keep you in the fat-burning zone, turn off hunger and ensure you feel incredible. Our method is grounded in science and gimmick-free with recipes for those who cook, practical tips for when you are on the go and options when you are eating out. Working with your dietitian, we'll tailor and adapt your plan, so that as you change, so does your programme.

Exercise intelligently

Quite simply, you'll move more. Whether it's the hidden exercise you take with every step or tailored workouts, we'll create the exercise habit in a way that fits into your life. You will learn how to train in the most intelligent, time-efficient way, combining the maximum amount of fat-burning and toning, while boosting your metabolism and getting your groove back.

Live well

Practicial and realistic changes to your lifestyle will help you to manage your hormones, optimize your weight loss, and create a new way of living that you'll be so happy with, you won't ever want to go back. Each habit has a scientific and a feel-good purpose, and will help you to manage and reduce stress, supercharge your sleep and create the balanced lifestyle you need.

Louise Parker is one of the very few weight loss experts worth the title. A genius method, an unbelievable client list and years of experience.

Good Housekeeping

Our Programmes

Our tailor-made programmes are split into three phases. Each combines the four pillars of the Method, and is delivered through our motivational and kind one to one coaching to ensure you stay on track every step of the way.

Phase 1


Lose weight, reduce body fat and sculpt your body lean, whilst simultaneously creating habits that will last a lifetime. We take time to get to know you and then teach you the method as the first step. Then your weekly consultations with our registered dietitians will motivate you and help create the optimal blend of the four pillars for you.

  • 6 or 12 weeks
  • Expert personal training at home or in our private studios in Harrods
  • Choose to work with a Dietitian or Lead Dietitian
  • Available worldwide

Phase 2


Once you've hit your goal, we help you to find the balance of what works for you to perfectly maintain your results in the most effortless way. In this phase, your body will adapt from weight loss mode as you consolidate your results. Balance is where you learn how to protect your results forever, whilst still loving life.

  • 6 or 12 weeks
  • Expert personal training at home or in our private studios in Harrods
  • Choose to work with a Dietitian or Lead Dietitian
  • Available worldwide

Phase 3


In this phase our support tapers, so you learn to stay on track more independently. Living the method will simply become part of what you do and who you now are. Your new habits will guide your through holidays and celebrations without breaking step and we are here to support you for as long as you need.

  • 6 or 12 months
  • Expert personal training at home or in our private studios in Harrods
  • Choose to work with a Dietitian or Lead Dietitian
  • Available worldwide

Tailored to you

Choose to create your own personalised programme or opt for our popular options including the 'Intensive' and 'Optimum' programmes which we have run for over 15 years.



I did the 12 week programme and I felt absolutely great. The programme felt easy to follow and the focus wasn’t dieting - finally! It was about being the best at living. I had forgotten in 30 years of dieting how to just live. This isn’t a weight loss program, its a life program that helps busy people learn to LIVE beautifully - something that people forget.

Halee’s programme

  • 12 weeks of Transform
  • Weekly consultations with Lead Dietician
  • Consultations by Skype
  • 6 weeks of Balance
  • 12 Lifestyle consultations



Not only did my dietitian fully understand the nutritional needs of being a vegan but she also wholeheartedly supported my ethical choice. The food plan was not only incredibly easy to follow but I felt more invigorated and positive, in mind and spirit and the fat around my middle disappeared, before my very eyes!

Jan’s programme

  • 12 weeks of Transform
  • Weekly consultations with Lead Dietician
  • 6 weeks of Balance



I would not have believed beforehand that I could actually eat more than before and lose weight quite so dramatically. My husband is also a total convert to your method too. I am so much stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been and for the first time in years am confident in my own body shape.

Clare’s programme

  • Our popular Optimum programme package
  • 12 weeks of Transform
  • 2 at-home personal training sessions each week
  • 12 weeks of Balance



I embarked on the Transform programme and given I was already eating healthily, I didn’t expect to lose too much weight. I lost 14lbs in total, dropped two dress sizes and felt fit, healthy and had far more energy. I feel fitter, healthier and we have now adopted a new way of life – not just me but my entire family.

Victoria's programme

  • Our popular Intensive programme package
  • 6 weeks of Transform
  • 4 x 90-mins at-home personal training sessions each week
  • 6 weeks Balance
  • 2 x 60-mins at-home personal training sessions each week


Shelley and Kelvin

The fact that there are no gimmicks, no meals to purchase, and no pills/supplements to take is huge. It seems like a whole new world has opened up to us. I think one of the best things is that very few things are off limits, it's more about finding a way to eat them differently and some things not as often.

Shelley and Kelvin's programme

  • 6 weeks Transform
  • Consultations by FaceTime and phone



In the past few years I have been putting on weight despite regular exercise and relatively clean eating habits. I got worried that what used to work in the past didn’t work now. The programme has done two things for me 1) it has changed my life in terms of how I look and feel 2) it has equipped me with the knowledge and capability to stay healthy.

Gerry's programme

  • 18 weeks Transform
  • Weekly consultations with a Lead Dietician
  • 6 weeks Balance
  • Consultations by FaceTime



I followed the Transform programme and lost nearly 10kgs and have kept it off by sticking to the sustainable habits that my dietitian taught me. I have the tools I need to look after myself even during physically and mentally demandings - I am fitter and healthier than at any time in twenty years.

Andrew's programme

  • 12 weeks of Transform
  • 1 x 90-mins at-home personal training each week
  • 6 weeks of Balance
  • Lifestyle - 1 x 90-mins at-home personal training each week



Losing just over two stone (and taking five inches off my waist) is not the best thing about my programme (although they certainly come close!). The best thing is that I now know how to do this on my own. I feel so much more connected with the physical me and this gives me a sense of control that I seemed to have lost.

Jen's programme

  • 12 weeks of Transform
  • 4 x personal training workshops
  • 12 weeks of Balance



After years of trying numerous high profile 'diets', I found that I was still putting on weight so knew I need to take control of my habits before I turned 40! The programme enabled me to continue with a busy lifestyle, knowing that I had the support of my dietitian at the end of the phone/email whenever I needed it to keep me in the right direction.

Leigh's programme

  • 12 weeks of Transform
  • Consultations by phone and Skype

Our Locations

Our programmes can be followed worldwide with virtual consultations or in person.


Based in the heart of Chelsea, our Walton Street clinic offers our programmes worldwide with personal training available in home for clients across London and the Home Counties. Walton Street has on-street parking available outside and we are both child- and dog-friendly.

81 - 83 Walton Street,
London, SW3 2HP
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Situated in the Wellness Clinic on the 4th Floor at Harrods, we deliver our Transform programmes worldwide with personal training, yoga and pilates offered from our private personal fitness studios. For bookings please contact

87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge,
London SW1X 7XL
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Programmes can be followed from any location by phone, Skype or FaceTime and our Method flexes and adapts wherever you are and whatever your lifestyle. This makes the programmes hugely popular with frequent travellers, those who live outside of the UK and even on an oil rig (and he did brilliantly!).

Our Books

The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life

The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life is Louise's first book and a Sunday Times’ Bestseller. Inside Louise shares the four pillars of the Method and her six-week Transform programme.

Available at amazon

The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life Cookbook

In Louise’s second Sunday Times' Bestselling book, she shares over 120 new recipes plus handy ‘how to’ guides which provide the blueprint for you to create endless combinations of your own.

Available at amazon

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