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Group Fitness in Harrods Louise Parker Method

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LPM Fitness Classes are coming.... Sign up NOW!

Exciting news...Louise Parker Method small group classes are launching soon!

Louise Parker Method Spring Time Salads Lean for Life

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Spring time salad

This salad is so light and fresh and a great way to welcome the first days of Spring....even if the weather still feels like Winter...

Louise Parker Method Expert Dietitian

The Method

Behind the Orange Door - Meet Cassie!

Our programmes are coached by registered dietitians offering the very best nutritional care. Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing the team, starting with Cassie...

CLASP Charity Walking Out of Darkness Mental Health Awareness

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You are not alone

Show your support to smash the stigma of mental illness and Walk Out of Darkness in 2018 across the UK with our charity partner CLASP

Louise Parker Method Lean for Life Savoy Eggs

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Simple supper inspiration

This dish is one of my all time favorites and is so simple to make. It's a combination that works perfectly and is a great winter warmer recipe especially if you're short on time after work.

Louise Parker Method Experts We Love

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One simple thing to feel better that you can do today

If you work in an office, the 5 ideas at the end of the article are game changers.

Louise Parker Method Weight Loss That Last Expert Dietitians

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Supermarket Sweep

Here's a sneak peak of a typically food shop. Checking your weekly shopping at a glance like this is a really simple way to see whether you've got a good balance for your week ahead.

Louise Parker Method Diets Don't Work Weight Loss Personal Training

The Method

Treat Yourself Well

Whatever shift or changes you’re making - give yourself the sanity check of longevity and ask yourself ‘Would I be happy if my teenage daughter was doing what I’m doing?’.

Louise Parker Method Luxury Retreat The Capra Saas-Fee Switzerland 2018

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Louise Parker Retreats are Back!

The Spring Retreat with Louise Parker Method is the perfect way to kick start a new routine, reset from daily life or to simply refresh and recharge.

Louise Parker Eat Beautifully Urban Retreat The Wellness Clinic Harrods

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Louise Parker partners with Urban Retreat!

I'm so excited to announce that we've partnered with the amazing team in the Urban Retreat in Harrods and added Louise Parker food to their delicious menu!

Louise Parker Method London Harrods Weight Loss Personal Training The Wellness Clinic

The Method

Time to REVIVE

I'm hugely excited to launch our new two-week REVIVE programme in Harrods.

Louise Parker Method Amazing Body Transformations Harrods Weight Loss that lasts

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Waiting List Alert

WAIT LIST ALERT! We are nudging into waiting list mode for January starts for our signature Transform programme.

Louise Parker Method - Lean Healthy Meals for Weight Loss

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Warm Zatar Garbonzos

An accidental meat free Monday today with a little dish I just made up that’ll be great for batching. Girls home from school staaaaarving, demanding picky bits.

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