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9 step soup

Here's my winter warmer soup in 9 simple steps. This process works well with any veg - I often throw in a bag of spinach to wilt with lid on just before serving. It contains no protein so serve it with some shredded chicken on the side or add pulses or cooked lentils to the soup. I like to serve it in big French bowls with wholemeal pitta chips (see Lean for Life Cookbook for the recipe) and a good tbsp. grated parmesan on top. Make a vat and you can always blend it for leftovers if you've kids that don't do chunks.


1 leek

Olive oil

Herbs de provence


2 stock cubes

4 large tomatoes or 1 tin of tomatoes

1 courgette

1 tablespoon green pesto

1 handful basil

1 tablespoon parmesan


Slice a leek, and sauté in glug olive oil with dried herbs de provence. Add carrots in chunks. Sauté for a few mins with the lid on. Add a pint hot water and 2 stocks (I used one Knorr chicken and one low sodium veggie bouillon) and simmer for a few minutes. Next throw in 4 chopped big tomatoes (tinned arefine). Simmer for a few more mins. Lastly add more hot water (to taste), chopped courgette and a good tbsp. of green pesto. Add bunch basil and simmer for three mins for flavours to combine but I like the courgette with bite.



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