Lose weight, reduce body fat and sculpt your body lean, whilst building new habits that will last a lifetime. Our tailor-made programmes are split into three phases and delivered by our expert dieticians and personal trainers.

  • 1. Transform
  • 2. Balance
  • 3. Lifestyle

Phase 1


Lose weight, reduce body fat and sculpt your body lean, whilst simultaneously creating habits that will last a lifetime. Your weekly consultations with our registered dietitians will motivate you and help create the optimal blend of the four pillars for you.

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What's included:

  • 6- and 12-week options
  • Available worldwide with in-person, phone or video consultations
  • Weekly consultations with your NLP-trained dietitian
  • Tailoring of our method to suit your lifestyle
  • Coaching on all four pillars of our method
  • In depth food plan with over 100 recipes
  • Numerous on-the-go options
  • Optional expert personal training at home or in our private fitness studios in Harrods
  • Choose to work with a Dietitian or Lead Dietitian
  • Body composition measurements with our medical grade equipment
  • Method can be tailored for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and IBS sufferers

Female clients who exercise regularly throughout the programme can lose up to 1kg of body fat per week. In addition, Transform helps you to understand how to eat for optimum nutrition the majority of the time, and most importantly how to integrate meals out and to enjoy pleasures of food and wine without trend dieting.

We go so much deeper than nutrition, with support to create the building blocks for optimal health including exercise, practical lifestyle advice and the steps for permanent habit change.

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Create your own personalised Transform programme or opt for our popular options including Transform 'Intensive' and Transform 'Optimum' programmes.

Louise Parker Method Expert Weight Loss

Jen, London

This isn’t a weight loss program

Losing just over two stone (and taking five inches off my waist) is not the best thing about my sessions with Catherine (although they certainly come close!) The best thing is that I now know pretty much how to do this on my own. Thanks to Catherine and the LP way of doing things I understand my body better and the science behind how it responds to what I give it and how I treat it. I feel so much more connected with the physical me and this gives me a sense of control that I seemed to have lost. The biggest challenge was organising myself so that I had the best foods at hand both at home and work and carved out time to exercise. But with Catherine’s brilliant practical help and warm encouragement it’s become a habit. I have also learned that hoovering up biscuits and sweets between deadlines at my desk is not actually a treat. But a delicious afternoon tea with a friend is! Balancing special days with the everyday but making that everyday just as worthwhile has made me much happier. I can honestly say I have never felt better!

Jen's programme

  • 12 weeks Transform
  • 3 x 90-mins per week Personal Training at home
  • Weekly consultations with a Lead dietician
  • Consultations by Skype
  • 6 weeks Balance
  • 12 Lifestyle consultations
Louise Parker Expert Weight Loss and Body Transformations

D, Hampshire

I found the whole experience literally life changing

“I found the programme rather inspiring as I ate regularly, very well at meal times with any sacrifice outweighed by the immediate loss of weight and the fact that I felt and still feel extremely well. The programme’s personal bible was very easy to understand and follow with an ideal amount of flexibility so that I found it natural to only concentrate on the variety of food I am allowed to eat rather than worrying about what I might be missing. The meetings and telephone calls were very helpful and it was always a real boost to see the results at a weigh in and my dietitian’s encouragement and enthusiasm infectious. I would have been mortified if I had let her down by temptation to eat something I shouldn’t and then seeing a slowing in progress. I felt it was a team effort with high praise a meaningful reward. The successful progress building to make this a new way of life. I was commended often on my willpower, but it was not a sacrifice and I found the whole experience literally life changing.”

D's programme

  • 12 weeks Transform
  • Weekly consultations with our Lead dietician
  • 6 weeks Balance

Sara, London


My biggest concern was that this would just be ‘another diet’ and that I would be wasting my time and money! As I had not succeeded with diets in the past, I was skeptical that anything ever would work, but I was desperate to lose weight so decided to give it a go. The program was great from the very start. My dietitian was amazing, so friendly and put me at ease straight away - she understood and addressed all my concerns and was more than happy to answer all my questions (in some cases over and over again until I understood fully)! I found the discipline of going to see/have calls every week really helped me to stick to the plan, and within a few weeks I found I was understanding the concept of how to eat well (and to lose weight) and it was becoming ingrained. The results were rapid and having my own personal cheerleader/counselor/ sounding board/friendly face to chat through everything just made the process so much easier. I now feel I am ready to face the world and continue on the journey, with no hint of slipping back into bad habits. The recipes were great - I have never cooked so much in my life but everything is easy to follow and way tastier than the many microwave meals I consumed before. It also means that when I do have a treat (which I can now do without being consumed by guilt!) its really worth it, and I go straight back to my usual cooking the next day

Sara's programme

  • Our popular Optimum programme package
  • 12 weeks Transform
  • 2x at-home personal training sessions a week
  • 12 weeks Balance

Phase 2


Once you've hit your goal, we help you to find the balance of what works for you to perfectly maintain your results in the most effortless way. In this phase, your body will adapt from weight loss mode as you consolidate your results. Balance is where you learn how to protect your results forever, whilst still loving life. Your dietitian will help you to design the right programme for you.

  • 6 or 12 weeks
  • Expert personal training at home or in our private studios in Harrods
  • Choose to work with a Dietitian or Lead Dietitian
  • Available worldwide

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Phase 3


In this phase our support tapers, so you learn to stay on track more independently. Living the method will simply become part of what you do and who you now are. Your new habits will guide your through holidays and celebrations without breaking step and with our support you for as long as you need.

  • 6 or 12 months
  • Expert personal training at home or in our private studios in Harrods
  • Choose to work with a Dietitian or Lead Dietitian
  • Available worldwide
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Our programme has been changing lives for over 15 years for clients all over the world.

Amazing lasting weight loss louise parker method

Julia, South Wales


Having struggled with my weight for my entire adult life I initially started following the Louise Parker Method via her books. As my journey continues I wanted to consolidate what I had learnt and work more on all four pillars of the plan to ensure that I do reach my goal and never go back to where I was. My dietician, Katie, was excellent and tailored each session precisely to my needs. I feel that my time on the program has really helped to embed the habits and that I am now in a good place to continue until I reach my goal. I’ve now lost 5 stone but more importantly I lead a fit, healthy and active life and food is now just food, not an emotional crutch or a source of comfort. Can’t recommend the Louise Parker Method highly enough.

Julia's programme

  • 6 weeks Transform
  • 6 weeks Balance

Phillipa, London


I never thought that it would work but it did! The support the team give you is incredible and make you realise that you are in charge of your own destiny and that every bit of food does count. I had been in denial for years about my diet and constantly ‘forgetting’ food I ate and thinking it didn’t count. Louise Parker has made me realise and be aware of everything I eat but in a good way. The feeling of eating well far outweighs that packet of Haribo. She also spends time looking at triggers and why we eat the way we do. This has been a really helpful tool so rather than feel guilty you have to ask yourself why you did it, what made you reach for the Percy Pigs. I would highly recommend this method.

Phillipa's programme

  • 12 weeks Transform
  • Consulatations by FaceTime and phone
Louise Parker Method - amazing body transformations lasting weight loss expert dietitian nutritionist

Gerry, Beijing

I was worried about how I would stick to the programme with my busy travel schedule

In the past few years I have been putting on weight despite regular exercise and relatively clean eating habits. I got worried that what used to work in the past didn’t work now. The programme has done two things for me 1) it has changed my life in terms of how I look and feel 2) it has equipped me with the knowledge and capability to stay healthy.

Gerry's programme

  • 18 weeks Transform
  • Weekly consultations with a Lead Dietician
  • 6 weeks Balance
  • Consultations by FaceTime
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