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Lean Chipotle Bean Chilli

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Spice up your Mondays

Sustainable nutrition has been in the press a lot recently and one of the simple swaps that makes a big difference is to reduce the amount of red meat we eat.

Pre-order Louise Parker's new weight loss and body transformation book now

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Louise Parker: The 6 Week Programme is available to pre-order now!

My latest book is a step-by-step guide that propels you into new habits - with the side effect of a cracking body, heaps of energy and a new lifestyle you'll love!

Churros and Chocolate

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Are these good for me?

I'm asked this often about anything from almond milk to Amaretti.

Expert advice to kickstart your fitness programme

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Stuck in a rut?

Give our tips a try and I promise after a week you’ll feel physically and mentally fitter

Find out how our programmes build your exercise habit
How to eat for weight loss and optimum nutrition in the office

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How to eat well at work

There are lots of reasons why diets fail but a common problem is that the diet doesn’t stand up to your everyday life. They're impractical, overly restrictive or no fun.

Delicious smoked paprika mushroom breakfast

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Smokey Paprika Mushrooms

On a grey and rainy Sunday morning, try this lean veggie breakfast to add a little ray of sunshine to your day.

Roast Vegetable Curry - great for a Louise Parker Weight Loss programme

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Mr P's Roast Veggie Curry

This curry passes the Mr P test and so you can be sure it's simple to make and low on faff. It's also absolutely delicious. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Weight loss myths from expert dieticians

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Fact or Fad?

We’re proud to be a fad-free zone, with all of our programmes based 100% on the latest evidence-based research.

Group Fitness in Harrods Louise Parker Method

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LPM Fitness Classes are here.... Book your place now!

Our small group personal training sessions are for a maximum of 4 people each session, all in the comfort of our fitness studios in Harrods. Book a spot or the whole class for you and three friends.

Body Transformation Aug 18

The Method

Results you'll love and your 'new normal' too in 6-weeks

The results have been fabulous and I know that I now have a "New Normal" that allows me to be consistent and have fun in the dance, rather than restricted in a cycle of deprivation

Louise Parker Wellbeing and Health Expert

In the press

Health Intelligence with Louise Parker

My weekly 'Health Intelligence' column in Hello magazine is out now!

Louise Parker Expert Weight Loss Fitness London Harrods Weight Loss

In the press

Tatler Gym Awards 2018 - Winner!

Well done Team LP! Amazing recognition for all your hard work from the wellbeing experts at Tatler who awarded us our third Tatler Gym Award!

Great breakfast for weight loss

The Method

Fiery Harissa Mushroom Brunch Wrap

If you're looking for something a little different for breakfast, try this unbelievably vegetarian wrap with fiery harissa and mushrooms

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