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lean food on the go

The Method

Resistance is key

Add resistance in any form to get more bang from your workout.

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Kickstart to the new term

“There are tricks of the trade that people can do after the summer and after the holidays, to give themselves a bit of a redo,”

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Rediscovery of my zest

We love

The Perfect Dressing?

Just five dressings will liven up one basic chicken salad

The Method

Fabulous finger food

These fiery chicken jerk bites with passionfruit dressing are absolutely divine

My favourite breakfast

The Method

Cracked Pepper Prawns

I love this dish for a really simple weeknight supper that's also fantastic for an extra portion to have the following day.

The Method

Louise's Lovely Lentils

A real family favourite this one...

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My prep for the beach

The Method

Seared Tuna Salad

Many of my favourite meals are assembly jobs and they're a hit with clients too who want delicious, elegant, quick suppers without the effort.

The Method

9 step soup

Here's my winter warmer soup in 9 simple steps.

What would you swap your health for?

The Method

My Mango and Strawberry Oatbran Smoothie

This smoothie has everything going for it and I'd love you to try it.

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The Method

Superfood Salad with Pesto Dressing

Super simple, incredibly tasty and really no effort at all.

Prada Chicken

The Method

Prada Chicken

This is one of my absolute favourite recipes from my first book and it's such a simple method to pack flavour into meals with minimum fuss.

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Shopping List

The Method

Shopping List

I thought I'd share what a usual shopping jaunt entails and the basics of our weekly shop. It's all about lean proteins and plenty of seasonal veggies and fruit, with a good dose of dairy produce.

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