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Group Fitness in Harrods Louise Parker Method

The Method

LPM Fitness Classes are here.... Book your place now!

Exciting news...Louise Parker Method small group classes have launched in Harrods!

Body Transformation Aug 18

The Method

Results you'll love and your 'new normal' too in 6-weeks

The results have been fabulous and I know that I now have a "New Normal" that allows me to be consistent and have fun in the dance, rather than restricted in a cycle of deprivation

Louise Parker Wellbeing and Health Expert

In the press

Health Intelligence with Louise Parker

My weekly 'Health Intelligence' column in Hello magazine is out now!

Louise Parker Expert Weight Loss Fitness London Harrods Weight Loss

In the press

Tatler Gym Awards 2018 - Winner!

Well done Team LP! Amazing recognition for all your hard work from the wellbeing experts at Tatler who awarded us our third Tatler Gym Award!

Louise Parker Method Exercise Intelligent Expert Personal Trainer London

The Method

Behind the Orange Door - Meet Ray!

Our team of outstanding personal trainers guide clients through our exercise method in 1:1 and small group classes in our studios in Harrods and at-home across London.

Louise Parker Expert Weight Loss Nutrition Dietitian Nutritionist Personal Trainer London

The Method

Lean Eton Mess

Unless you've lived in the UK, you've probably never heard of Eton Mess. It's basically the most indulgent, wonderful combination of double cream, fruit and meringue.

Louise Parker Expert Weightloss Dietitian Nutritionist Personal Training London Harrods

The Method

Eating with your eyes

When you eat it really is a feast for all the senses. Here's a few thoughts about how a little extra time prepping can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your meals and help you lose weight.

Louise Parker Nutrition Expert Weight Loss Fitness Lean

The Method

Try Something New

Keeping your routine fresh and adding variety into your normal food choices is a great way to keep momentum in your progress. Check out this delicious smoky (and lean) scotch egg.

Louise Parker Body Transformations Expert Weight Loss

The Method

Friday Transformation Time!

Such an incredible transformation in just 6 months. 5 stone and counting...the pictures say it all!

Louise Parker Expert Weight Loss Dietitians Nutritionist
Louise Parker Eat Beautifully Expert Weight Loss Dietitian London

The Method

Sexing up your salad

Here's a great way to serve a salad if you really want to add some excitment to a summer evening supper.

Expert Pregnancy Nutrition and Fitness with Louise Parker

In the press

Expert care before, during and after your pregnancy

Our Pregnancy Programmes now support clients from FERTLITY, through PREGNANCY to POST-NATAL recovery.

Louise Parker Method Spring Time Salads Lean for Life

The Method

Spring time salad

This salad is so light and fresh and a great way to welcome the first days of Spring....even if the weather still feels like Winter...

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