Salted Dark Chocolate Brazils

My salted dark chocolate Brazils (B complex, selenium and minerals) with dehydrated strawberries captured here by the wonderful @nataliejmt are a saviour on those nights you just need a little something sweet. Stick to 2-3 with comforting herbal tea and save the sweet treats (in the new cookbook on Amazon here) for when you really need it. Simply dip Brazils (or almonds are fab and higher in protein but you need patience and tweezers) in melted 70% dark chocolate, sprinkle with Malden sea salt and dehydrated berries (baking section of many supermarkets) and set to cool. The longer you're on method, the less you'll crave sweet and there are plenty no sugar options in the book, like mango and pistachio frozen yoghurt - one of my favourites. Once you've completed the Transform phase and ease into Lifestyle, no foods are off the table, just a phase of learning the art of balance - which I believe anyone can do. .



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