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Louise Parker: The 6 Week Programme is available to pre-order now!

My latest book which is published in the UK on December 26th is a whole new format of weekly guidance, true to all four pillars that make my method the programme to end all diets - and propel you into new habits. The side effect is a cracking body, exceptional energy and a new way of living.

I’ve created heaps of new recipes (many are veggie and vegan too), plus three all new workouts that progress fortnightly. Each week you’ve tips and motivation that build on one another - self care and sleep and enjoying the process of change are key to sustainable and transforming change.

Be the first to receive it by pre-ordering on Amazon today here.

If you’re new to the method, you can start with Louise Parker: The Six Week Plan - or order the trilogy! They all work together! Who’s excited? Please share and let’s end the New Year New Fad!

Love LP x

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