Lasting change starts with a shared goal, a swell of motivation and dramatic results. Our unique corporate wellness programmes deliver this and give your company the optimal blueprint for long-term employee wellness.

Louise Parker corporate wellness wellbeing programme

Transforming Company Wellness in 42 days

Following the Louise Parker Method our approach engages your entire workforce in an initial 42-day Transform period that delivers measurable benefits to key employee health and lifestyle metrics including blood pressure, resting heart rate and BMI as well as giving a huge feel good boost across your organisation.

Louise Parker corporate wellness wellbeing programme

Our Method, Your Company Culture

Each programme is tailored to your company’s needs and goals incorporating office workouts, healthy eating seminars and demonstrations, motivational talks, stress management and much much more all delivered by our expert corporate wellness team.

Louise Parker corporate wellness wellbeing programme

Everyone Engaged

Employee participation is optional however the wave of activity and energy in the Transform phase supports high levels of engagement. We insist on board level sponsorship for every corporate programme as this is crucial to the programmes long-term success.

Louise Parker Method - amazing body transformations lasting weight loss expert dietitian nutritionist

Your Wellness Blueprint

Once your Transform programme has finished we share the results with every employee and at a company-level so that you can see the dramatic difference in health and lifestyle metrics. We then work with you and your employees to develop your Balance and Lifestyle phases, incorporating the activities which drive the greatest benefit for your employees and company wellbeing overall.

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